Nuwave cooktop review- used with steamer juicer

By Wil’s Mom from Newport News, Va. on 8/12/2014
It is a great product! Temperature control helps so much and lowering or raising the temperature is almost immediate. Used the Nuwave cooktop today to steam grapes in my steamer and juicer. Fast, efficient, and I was able to keep the water at the bubbling stage without splash over. I was so happy that I had previously purchased the juicer in stainless steel and induction ready and could use it with the cooktop.

Nuwave PIC Review

By Murphypie from Highland Village, Texas on 8/11/2014
This appliance has become the mainstay of my kitchen. I have 2 of them, and use them every day. The temperature control is unbelievable. I never burn anything. I use the grill pan for many of my recipes, and I rarely fry anything any more.It’s almost impossible to mess up a meal with this in your kitchen,

I would purchase the NuWave cooktop all over again if I didn’t have them already!

Don K, August 2014
I’ve read a lot of complaints against these folks, but I got my NuWave cooktop and wow I just love it!! I can’t believe how nicely it cooks and the pans clean up nice. I would purchase them all over again if I didn’t have them already!