PIC replaces expensive ceramic cooktop

Fabulous Purchase! By HappyInOhio from OH

I bought two of the NuWave PIC, and they sit on top of my expensive white ceramic cooktop stove. They are all I use. I was never a good cook so hated to prepare dinner every night just to have it be ‘edible’. But now, due to the NuWave and the cookware I purchased with it all my dinners have been great! Moist, juicy, tender, tasty. My daughter wants no more take out! I love how quickly it heats so I can get a great dinner cooked in probably half the time as my stove top/oven and when I turn it off the juices stop bubbling almost immediately! I can shut it off, walk away and not worry about any remaining heat over cooking the food in the pan. I am totally satisfied with my purchase. Only thing I didn’t like but now after using would pay it again is the 29.99 s/h for the second NuWave and same amount for free fondue/steamer. Almost changed my mind. SO glad that I didn’t. Just try and get me to give any of it back! ;-)

Omelet bar- Everyone raved about it!

By Cookie from Ojai ca

It’s great! I love this because of the ease of use. I purchased it before Christmas because I have a large family (10 plus) and set up an omelet bar so everyone could choose and make their own custom omelets. I already had induction pots and pans but purchased omelet pans also. Everyone raved about it! A very big hit. A real advantage to this hot pad is that you know what temperature food is cooking at. I love that feature. I have made crepes, tortillas and entrees on this induction cooktop. It cleans up extremely easily too.

NuWave PIC Carrying Case

Not only is the NuWave PIC compact to fit in any home, apartment, dorm room, boat, or RV, but it is also light weight and portable! The NuWave PIC Carrying Case makes it even easier to bring your PIC with you when you travel! Now you can take your NuWave PIC with you anywhere you go including hotels, camping, family gathering, picnics, tailgates, and even parties! The NuWave PIC Carrying Case is made from heavy duty canvas and will keep your PIC safe from any minor scratches, marks, or even water damage. It comes with a hand and a shoulder strap for your traveling convenience. The NuWave PIC Carrying Case enables you to cook with your NuWave PIC wherever you go!