Easy Cleanup – Stainless Steel Pots.

By larnold24 from Western Kentucky

Easy Cleanup – Stainless Steel Pots. I received my NuWave PIC today, and decided to steam some cabbage. I let it boil dry and all the cabbage juices burned on the pan. I thought I had ruined my new pan, but I put water in it and boiled it for just a few minutes on the PIC, and every bit of the burned on particles lifted right off. No scrubbing and the pan looks like new again. I am lovin this item!!

Kitchen Remodel with the PIC

NuWave PIC
By Lois W from San Diego, California
My kitchen was recently remodeled and I was unable to use the stove or oven. However it was magical using the NuWave PIC as I was able to cook great meals anywhere in the house. I have purchased two for myself and plan to buy two more for my daughters. I love it! Love it! Love it!

Butane gas creates too much heat

By Chef John from Cannon Beach, Oregon
Less heat in the kitchen! As a chef and restaurant owner, the induction cooking technique has been fantastic. In our small cafĂ©, butane gas burners would create way too much heat and hot spots on the pan surfaces. In the morning I set up our daily soup program and virtually walk away! The non-stick surface means easy clean up and no burning. I’m ordering two more sets this week.